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Dave Lucas is the owner of Gallery West, an American contemporary art and craft gallery. Gallery West is located in the historic area of Bellingham, WA known as "Old Fairhaven". Dave became interested in photography at a young age. In the 1960's he experimented with a number of novel approaches to photography, such as developing photographic images on pottery and other hard surfaces. Dave's first professional show was in 1967. With a Fine Arts Degree from Western Washington College, Dave opened Gallery West in 1973. Gallery West is one of the oldest galleries on the West Coast. For many years Dave’s artistic interest centered on ceramics and sculpture. It wasn’t until the invention of the digital camera that Dave began, once again, to concentrate on photography. In terms of style, Dave has recently become interested in pursuing images that seem to cross the line between painting and photography. This can be seen in certain works such as the “Green House” image and the image "Driftwood Glow" At the same time Dave continues to develop his craft in more traditional ways photographing N.W. landscapes and other recognizable N.W. images. Black and white photography also continues to be a major interest.